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4 September 2022 - 9 September 2022
Potsdam, Germany
Scientific Detector Workshop 2022

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to reach the conference centre if I take a hotel in Berlin?
  • 1 hr by public transport, 30 mins by car depending on the traffic on that day.
Is parking possible close to the conference center? Do you recommend renting a car?
  • Yes, there is limited parking available at the conference site (House H), marked as  . If you are making your own accommodation booking which is far from the conference site, then you can rent a car. Car rentals are also available near the recommended accommodations and the conference site.
How far is the airport to Potsdam? How long does the journey take?
  • Berlin has one airport: the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). From there, you can reach the Potsdam Hbf by public transport and also by taking a taxi or renting a car.
  • Airport Shuttle Bus  " BER2 " from Terminal 1, 2 & 5, of BER airport comes directly to Potsdam Hbf. The full journey takes < 1 hr, with stops in Stahnsdorf and Teltowand. The cost of the ticket is €9.30.
  • A taxi from the airport will cost around €90 and take about 45 minutes. Renting a car for two days costs approximately €160.
How easy/difficult is it to reach the conference centre on foot from the workshop hotels?
  • The conference site is located on a hill. There is a 50 m elevation.
  • From the Holiday Inn Express Potsdam, it should take 30 minutes walking (2 km).
  • From the B&B Hotel Potsdam, it should take 25 minutes walking (1.8 km).
Are all meals provided by the workshop?
  • Yes, all lunches, breaks, and dinners (except the Tuesday and Friday dinners) are included.
What activities/restaurants do you recommend for the free evening?
  • Potsdam is a historic city with many palaces and park grounds. A city sightseeing tour is recommended. 
  • The city is best seen with a bike. Bikes are allowed on trains (S-Bahn, RBs, and REs). Trams also allow bikes but maximum 2. You will be required to buy a separate ticket for bike on public transports.
  • Bikes are available for rent: NextBikeCityRad-Rebhan
How can I go to Berlin from Potsdam?
  • From Potsdam Hbf you can take train S7 or RE1 to reach Berlin Hbf Central Station.
  • There are automatic ticket machines in all stations, which take notes, coins, or cards. 
  • Be sure to buy the ticket and punch the ticket before boarding the train. You will have to buy Berlin ABC ticket towards Berlin, and Potsdam ABC towards Potsdam.
  • A ticket for one adult is €3.80
  • The trip takes 35 mins by S7 and 25 mins by RE1
When is the registration?
  • Please check the details on "Dates"
How much is the cost of a taxi to/from the airport?
  • A taxi from the BER airport to Potsdam will cost around ~€90 and take about 45 minutes.
What are the tipping rules in Germany?
  • "Trinkgeld" or "drink money":  round off the amount of the bill to the nearest euro, but never more than two or three euros TrinkgeldBedienung or service charge is included in the bill.
  • 5% to 10% is a world standard.
What is the weather like in early September in Potsdam?
  • Early Autumn weather or "altweibersommer" also known as Indian summer or "old woman summer", with 20°C (high) / 10°C (low).
Provided that this is required, will anti-COVID masks be provided?
  • Yes, If the health mandate requires it, masks will be available on-site.
What will be the anti-COVID precautions taken at the workshop?
  • This information will be updated in August.
What happens if there is a lockdown dictated by German authorities in early September?
  • If the COVID-19 cases increase in the preceding months, we will update the status on this website accordingly. Please check here regularly. We will follow the German authority guidelines.
Are there any limitations for people with limited mobility (at the conference center, for the social events, etc)?
  • Access ramps, lifts, and help will be provided at the conference site. All public transports and public locations in Germany are mobility access friendly.
I have some dietary restrictions, can they be taken into account?
  • Please inform the conference organisers (email : sdw2022@aip.de) in advance about your dietary restrictions and we will help you.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please send your queries to: sdw2022@aip.de

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